YOUNG - A New Collection From Enrico Cassina

13 Jan 2017
YOUNG - A New Collection From Enrico Cassina

From the prestigious range of Enrico Cassina five models have been selected characterised by a modern and sophisticated design.

All these products have the distinctive elements of the historic Enrico Cassina brand, quality materials and finish together with technology and manufacturing expertise that enables the collection to be offered at competitive prices.

Ferramenta Window Fastener and Hook Plate

21 Nov 2016
Ferramenta Window Fastener and Hook Plate A new design Window Fastener and Hook Plate has just been added to the Ferramenta Range.
The fastener can have an extended tongue if required by simply swivelling the backplate around the other way.
It can come in 4 finishes in this range of Antique Black, Silver Zinc, Antique Grey Iron and Antique Rust.

8 Aug 2014
Ferramenta Distributor DIsplay Board Just coming available are distributor display boards for the Ferramenta range.
These are free on loan and if you are interested in becoming a distributor
then do please contact our Sales Manager Saffron
Email Saffron

Butt Hinge Addition To Ferramenta

7 Aug 2014
Butt Hinge Addition To Ferramenta A 100mm strong butt hinge has been added to the Ferramenta range and is available in all 4 finishes:  Antique Black, SIlver Zinc, Grey Iron and Antique Rust.     

Brand New Finishes ~ Ferramenta

1 Jul 2014
Brand New Finishes ~ Ferramenta Our most recent range is the Ferramenta Collection - and already we are in the process of adding new products.   

This range is launched with 4 new finishes, antique black, antique rust, silver zinc and antique grey iron.    

Antique black and silver zinc undergo an anti-corrosion process and antique grey iron has an anti-corrosive paint applied that makes them suitable for external application subject to our maintenance guidelines.  Rust us rust and unless you are looking to achieve this look then this finish should only be used indoors.

Product Refurbishment Service

25 Jun 2014
Product Refurbishment Service
On the left is a lever handle set that was fitted at a seaside location and suffered years of neglect with no TLC whatsoever.  This shows the importance of following our maintenance guide and keeping a layer of household polish wax to protect the finish and keep tarnish to a minimum.  The handle has formed a patina through use which it is supposed to do - hence the name Patine,  however the backplate has been allowed to do it's own thing !

On the right is the same handle after we have serviced the moving parts and re-processed the finish - it's as good as new !

This is a most economic way of brushing away the years and gives the opportunity to start again with the will to look after the fittings.

Please contact us for details of this service.