Esprit de Forge Villiers PM Latch Lever 01-822 Black

(Code: 0182211)
Variation Lever & Turns : Latch
Finish : Black

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Esprit de Forge Villiers PM Latch Lever 01-822 Black
  • Esprit de Forge Villiers PM Latch Lever 01-822 Black
  • Esprit de Forge Villiers PM Latch Lever 01-822 Black
Unit of Sale:    1 Pair consisting of 2 handles and backplates with disengageable return spring, spindle and bolt through fixings
Base material is Steel or Brass
Dimensions:  Overall the handle is 126mm long with a projection of 52mm.
Backplate: 230 x 40 x 6mm 

The 8mm spindle is secured to the handle with a hex grub screw.  7mm spindle is available as a special order. 
Lock centres up to 95mm
Suitable for a door thickness of up to 48mm with adaption kits avilable for thicker doors.

The Espirit De Forge lever handle sets includes a reinforced construction and disengageable springing which makes them suitable for use with multi-point espagnolette door locking systems.

The Black and Patine finishes are suitable for external use but our simple maintenance instructions must be followed.  Rust and brass finishes will tarnish over time when fitted externally.

Code Variation Lever & Turns  Finish  Price   
0182211  Latch  Black  87.96 Details Buy
0182212  Latch  Patine  95.97 Details Buy
0182214  Latch  Antique Brass  122.12 Details Buy
0182216  Latch  Rust  95.97 Details Buy
0182221  Lock  Black  107.26 Details Buy
0182222  Lock  Patine  116.00 Details Buy
0182224  Lock  Antique Brass  142.14 Details Buy
0182226  Lock  Rust  116.00 Details Buy
0182231  Euro Profile Cylinder Lock  Black  107.26 Details Buy
0182232  Euro Profile Cylinder Lock  Patine  116.00 Details Buy
0182234  Euro Profile Cylinder Lock  Antique Brass  142.14 Details Buy
0182236  Euro Profile Cylinder Lock  Rust  116.00 Details Buy
0182241  Privacy Lock  Black  128.05 Details Buy
0182242  Privacy Lock  Patine  138.83 Details Buy
0182244  Privacy Lock  Antique Brass  175.81 Details Buy
0182246  Privacy Lock  Rust  138.83 Details Buy