33-976 Brugge Lever Handles on Rose Latch Black

(Code: 3397601)
Finish : Black
Variation : Latch

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33-976 Brugge Lever Handles on Rose Latch Black
  • 33-976 Brugge Lever Handles on Rose Latch Black
  • 33-976 Brugge Lever Handles on Rose Latch Black
The Foundry Collection
Cast in iron or brass, with eleven different finishes.
Here we have priced the most popular finishes.  If you require another finish  please contact us.

Base material:   Cast iron or brass
Unit of sale:  Set comprising of pair handles pair backplates, spindle and fixings
Dimensions:  Rose and escutcheons 69 x 45 x 4mm   Handle 138 x 66 projection
Bolt through fixings

Please note:
The backplates ARE NOT fitted with handle return springs
The length of the rose and escutcheon will not accommodate a standard UK 57mm sash lock.
Fit separate latch and deadlock

Code Finish  Variation  Price   
3397601  Black  Latch  127.80 Details Buy
3397602  Patine  Latch  151.77 Details Buy
3397604  Waxed Antique Brass  Latch  289.79 Details Buy
3397608  Waxed Rusted Iron  Latch  142.35 Details Buy
3397631  Black  Lock  144.17 Details Buy
3397632  Patine  Lock  175.83 Details Buy
3397634  Waxed Antique Brass  Lock  343.26 Details Buy
3397638  Waxed Rusted Iron  Lock  164.08 Details Buy
3397651  Black  Privacy Lock  161.15 Details Buy
3397652  Patine  Privacy Lock  202.14 Details Buy
3397654  Waxed Antique Brass  Privacy Lock  400.62 Details Buy
3397658  Waxed Rusted Iron  Privacy Lock  187.66 Details Buy
3397691  Black  Euro Profile Cylinder Lock  144.17 Details Buy
3397692  Patine  Euro Profile Cylinder Lock  175.83 Details Buy
3397694  Waxed Antique Brass  Euro Profile Cylinder Lock  343.26 Details Buy
3397698  Waxed Rusted Iron  Euro Profile Cylinder Lock  164.08 Details Buy