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Refurbish Customers Products

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Refurbish Customers Products
On the left is a lever handle set that was fitted at a seaside location and suffered years of neglect with no TLC whatsoever.  This shows the importance of following our maintenance guide and keeping a layer of household polish wax to protect the finish and keep tarnish to a minimum.  The handle has formed a patina through use which it is supposed to do - hence the name Patine,  however the backplate has been allowed to do it's own thing !

On the right is the same handle after we have serviced the moving parts and re-processed the finish - it's as good as new !

This is a most economic way of brushing away the years and gives the opportunity to start again with the will to look after the fittings !

This refurbish service is for Black, Patine and Wax finishes only.

Please contact us for details of this service.