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a buyer for a construction company emails... 17 May 2017
    ...thank you so much, you have been so helpful, just found out that you delivered to one of our sub-contractors, that is so appreciated !
Richard in Banbury emails... 2 May 2017
    ...many thanks for your great customer service, I wish that there were more
companies like yours that provide this !
Steve emails from Kendal... 28 Mar 2017
    ... thank you for all your hard work
Caroline in Londonderry... 14 Mar 2017
    ...thanks for your help as always
From Emma in Andover... 16 Jan 2017
    ...thank you so much for being so helpful.
Caroline in Londonderry sends her thanks... 9 Nov 2016
    ...thank you for this morning sorting everything out for me, I appreciate it very much.